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Oct 19, 2012 11:00pm PDT
is deteriorating in the u.s. yesterday we were talking about how burma could improve relations between the military and the parliament, and they were saying, i'm not sure that the u.s. is the place to come to study improving relationships among the executive. i'm not sure that the governance in the u.s. has particularly improved. governance in africa had a improved tremendously. those dictators who were there just to steal money they're still there in a few places but they're on their way out. civil society has been improving. and leadership has been providing accountability, checks and balances, and i think that's an useful lesson for us that if we want to improve government effectiveness, then one way to do that is to support civil society. when those people get sent off to jail, speak up. >> gavin: right, how do you define civil society in the broad sense i understand, but what do you mean by civil society specifically. >> i really mean everything, from a robust individual, a private sector, an university or education sector, we in the news media, and then of course the social organizations whic
Oct 26, 2012 11:00pm PDT
? >> we actually work in two big areas. health and education in the u.s. in the united states it's all along the southern part of the united states. and it's really in the poorest communities primarily rural communities. on the health side, the big issue in the u.s. is childhood obesity. we work a lot in that area. >> gavin: in what ways? prevention and education side, working with local municipalities to enact legislation? what respects? >> all of those. but our work starts actually we work in school in a lot of cases. and we're starting with nutrition education providing healthy snacks to kids after schools, doing physical activities program after school, and educating teachers and parents about the importance of nutrition. so that's one big piece. then this whole piece about legislation, and what is it that schools particularly can do to be healthy. what are the things that they can do. >> gavin: salad bars, and removing soda. >> exactly. healthy lunches and what kids are served during lunches. the first program we ever did in the united states was during the depression in 1932 in a
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm PDT
with in a in the u.s. as it relates to the pediatric cancer. now we've made connections to do that globally. and we'll go to rwanda. >> it was the cgi your direct connection. >> absolutely. through one individual that i was meeting with, telling him what it was all about the pediatric cancer, that led to another meeting which led to another meeting and they said, we have this project that you could help us with in row about rwanda it's really an one-of-a-kind. excellent--slept center in rwanda through partners and help and their hospitals. it's extraordinary to be able to do pathology in ruler rwanda and treatment. it's amazing to be able to see and do that in rwanda. we actually opened the up the doors of the cancer center this past july, former vice president clinton and several other dignitaries. >> gavin: are there others who will have followed your league in terms of organizing their down foundations and stepping up in a big way? >> i feel the example was set to me 20 years ago with so many of the greats of our sport, that we're doing great things already. that just sets the example for me. i
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3